Investigation One

Investigating Temperature  Changes In Class 6


We are trying to find out how the temperature changes through the day.


We set up the sensors and left to run for 24 hours.


   The temperature will go down as people leave  the class room and when the heating's turned off. It will also go down at night time because the sun can not give heat because it is around the other side of the world. The temperature will go up as the sun dawns and when the heating goes on.  




This is roughly the results I expected. I think the results show this because ,At 6pm the heating turns off. It then drops slowly because the sun cant give heat at night because it cant be seen. The temperature then rises as the heating comes on again. It drops because the door is opened. The class then come in filling the room with the heat from their bodies, allowing the temperature to rise slightly. The door then opens and closes through the day. Which means the temperature was ranging from 17.5C--22.5C.