The Castle Escape 1215


In 1215 the motte and Bailey Tonbridge Castle is under siege from King John.

Small battles are taking place between the people of Tonbridge and King John.  Some prisoners have been taken into the castle.  One of them is an important Earl, called Edward of Canterbury.  The castle is wooden and is being set alight.  While the castle is damaged Edward tries to escape.  Here is his story from his point of view.

" Me a great Earl trapped in this dingy dungeon with mere peasants.  Today I have not been fed they mustn't have enough for me, the siege is working.  The torturer is coming to torture me , but I mustn't tell them how to stop King John , I will die if I have to.  These peasants keep pestering me for my money, I told them I didn't have any and they left me alone."

"All of the other prisoners  are being killed, but I doubt they will kill me, I am to important to them.  Some more prisoners have been put in with me one of them has an illness from the food and I don't want to catch it." 

"Today the castle is on fire, this gives me the chance to escape.  I will climb out at night when the fires are gone out and sail down the river."                                             

 Later That Night...

"Ha, that was easy the guards didn't spot me, I think all I have to do is reach home."

"Oh no, I am being followed, they are shooting arrows at me and I have no Armour, I will sail on."

"Agraah, I am hit, I won't die but I can't escape, agraah." 

"They are taking me back to be executed, I have begged and pleaded, but they wouldn't listen. "

" Goodbye, and for the King."


The end





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