1262- He is just 19 years old {Richard's son} but already fickle and an eye for the main chance. He will join a rebellion against a king and then after that help slay the rebel leader. His castle will be seized by an avenging prince, who will then be the first to wine and dine and then the prince becomes a king. He will divorce his wife and bring home a princess.

He is powerful and a forceful opponent, this young man who rides into your picture. He is the  greatest of his family, a military genius, his name is "Gilbert de Clare". With his flaming red hair he is known to both his friends and enemies as "Rufus, the Red Earl".

He had inherited Tonbridge Castle at a time of civil unrest. Since then, now not only did the battle to obtain the freedoms promised by Magna Carta, but the movement for a proper community took a new direction and a new leader.


1264~King Henry lll wanted revenge against the Barons. Henry had over taken Rochester Castle and now wanted to take over Tonbridge Castle. In order to seize the castle he set fire to the whole town and had the castle in his hands.

Henry's luck had run out and in the battle he was defeated by the Simon de Montfort.

Now it was clear for de Montfort to call his Parliament.

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