1265 ~ Gilbert de Clare made peace with the King. He then joined his son Prince Edward leading the royalist forces against Simon de Montfort at Evesham.

Simon de Montfort was killed along with some members of his force, other members of his force surrendered in Kenilworth Castle.

The Red Earl took his time to look around the castle and he liked what he saw even though streams had been dammed up and had formed three lakes on three sides.

The Red Earl had proved himself a man not to be trusted, now to fight against the crown for the crown and against it again all in the space of four years.

1272~Prince Edward returned from the holy land and found out that his father was dead. As he stepped onto English land Gilbert de Clare was waiting for him. With all the arguments forgotten he wanted to be the first to tell Edward that he was king of England. Edward had yet to be crowned, but preparations were already made for the coronation at Westminster Palace.

Edward decided that Gilbert de Clare should marry his daughter, Joan of Acre.  

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