Tonbridge Castle

Descendants of Lord Stafford played some important parts of English history.

Perhaps the most remarkable ,great and distinguished story ever, is the killing of someone important. Really important!!! You know, someone like a KING!

This story tells you about the murder of the two princes in 1483 and 1520.

It all began when...

"in 1483, 12 year old Edward V was murdered helped by Henry Stafford, the Duke  of  Buckingham who is  believed to have helped Richard III sneak Edward V to the crime scene. Henry Stafford fell out with Richard III over this and was then dissected (cut into a million pieces.)

Richard's son, Edward, was executed in 1520, for high treason, ordered by Henry VIII. All the land and estates which he owned were taken away from his family by the crown, including the castle.

The Stafford family got the castle back, three hundred odd years later. It was Frances Lady Stafford, who at the end, sold Tonbridge Castle to Tonbridge Urban District Council.


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