John Hooker


John Hooker bought the Castle in 1739 and he sold some of the Castles stones to build a loch on the River Medway. John Hooker was a promoter of the Medway navigational company.

He also sold the stones to build Houses in the village of Tonbridge. He sold the stones around the old part of Tonbridge this was Bordyke and the Church. In Postern Lane he sold some stones to make the chimney of a house. The stones also went to Tonbridge Schools and the Parish Church. John Hookers son , Thomas, inherited the Castle. He used some of the stones to build a small mansion onto the East side of the Gatehouse. He completed the small mansion in 1792,and then sold it to Willliam Woodgate in 1793. This has now been changed into a tourist information centre and a council chamber.  

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