Tonbridge castle.

   During the civil war the castle was  used as a (Royalist) Stronghold. Gun platforms, look-out posts and sheds for the gunners were erected. The Royalists lost the civil war in 1664.  Tonbridge castle was dismantled.  After that the castle fell into disrepair. The moat was filled in to help the removal of the stone which was sold for building in the town.

 The moat and the Medway surrounded the  Castle with water, and a draw bridge crossed the moat from the  gatehouse.

 The River Medway once flowed against the South Curtain Wall. Visitors arriving at the Castle by water could enter by the Postern Gate.  This is now blocked and is back filled by the Castle Lawn.

 There were three towers once at points around the Castle walls. The one at the North East corner housed the chapel, the octagonal one at the South East corner called the water tower because it stood by the water. A large round tower stood at the West end of the South curtain wall. Remains of the tower can be seen from the wall but the other two towers have completely disappeared.


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