Rulers in the 17 the Century .


James 1(st).

James 1 (st) came to the thrown in 1603 after  his cousin Elizabeth 1 the last remaining Tudor  died. James was the first Stuart King. James died in 1625.

Charles 1 (st).

Charles came to the thrown in 1625 after his father King James 1 (st) died. Charles 1 died in 1649 on the 30 January.

Oliver Cromwell.

Oliver come to the thrown 1653. He was an officer in the army until he became "Lord Protector.  He was born in Huntingdon. He studied at Cambridge University. He was a very religious man. In 1649 when the Civil War broke out Oliver joined the army. With Oliver in charge the English troops defeated the Dutch and Spanish navies. Oliver also led the English troops in helping France fight against Spain in the Netherlands. He ruled England alone for five years until his death . He died on the 3 of September, the date of two of his most successful battles. He was buried in Westminster Abbey.

Charles 2 (nd).

Charles 2 (nd) came to the thrown in 1649 after  Oliver Cromwell and the Civil War.  To mark the anniversary of Charles 1 death, Charles 2 had Oliver Cromwell's body dug up, and so on the 30 (th) January 1661 Oliver Cromwell's body was hung on the gallows at Tyburn. Charles 2 (nd) died in 1685.

James 2 (nd).

James 2 (nd)came to the thrown in 1685 after his brother Charles 2 (nd) died. James 2 (nd) died in 1688.

Mary 2 (nd) and her husband William 3 (rd).

Mary 2 (nd) came to the thrown after her father  James 2 (nd) died in 1688. Mary 2 (nd) ruled along side her husband William 3 (rd). Mary and William left the thrown in 1702.

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