Tonbridge mini story.


A Day In The Life 


 A Poor Family!





Mum is about 26 years old ::::::: 

            Samantha Gray

13 year old daughter :::::::: 

           Erin de Maat

10 year old daughter :::::::: 

              Emily Tunstall

7 year old daughter :::::::: 

Courtney Smith


 In  the year 1623  a poor family was seen to have a baby child. As the mother was unable to keep the child and it got thrown into the River Medway Courtney (My sister) didn't understand, and tried to swim  over to save  the child. "Get out of that filthy water, your dirty enough!" mum shouted, I (Erin )was told to  get in and get Courtney out of the water. My other sister (Emily ) came back from 'begging'  and jumps in to get the  baby , as Courtney only successfully having to go down instead of  actually getting the baby .  

 Once we are all out of the water ,Mum explains - "Courtney, we didn't have enough food to  feed her. That's why I (mum) through her in the water." 

" Mum , I think Courtney found something . She seems to be hiding something."  I (Erin) turned to Courtney and said ..."You do  have something , don't you Courtney?  You fist is bright red and your jumping up and down excitement !"  Mum  suddenly realizes ... Courtney speaks - "Well I was swimmi -" "Not another long story , just get to the point!" " I found some money!" 


We then went  to buy food and better clothes. We carried our old clothes over our shoulders.

We all lived a happy life thanks to Courtney!