produced by

Andrew Humphrey, Sean Glazier, Laurence Curtis and Chris Wye.

On 29th March 1892 everybody in Tonbridge hated Elizabeth Lewis because she was so selfish. She owned a grocery store in Vale Road and wore a huge hat. She was by far the most expensive grocer in Tonbridge. The only thing that liked her was her collie dog. It always sat under its favourite tree, the old walnut tree. One summer afternoon the dog spotted a very beautiful  butterfly and tried to catch it. The collie dog wandered down the road and through the town. Nobody took any notice as the dog went towards the castle. 

 At the time the castle was under repairs. The dog took no notice and carried on chasing the butterfly into the castle itself. After an hour or so the butterfly hovered over a gaping hole which was very wide and long. The dog made a desperate lunge for the butterfly hoping to catch it and jump over the hole. The result was that the dog missed the butterfly and fell down the hole. The collie dog was stuck.

Elizabeth soon realized that her dog was missing and went off searching for it. She wandered into the town and asked nearly everybody but she couldn't get a response because people thought that it was her own fault. She ended up at the castle and asked the workman there if they had seen her dog. Again there was no response and so she went into the castle.

She heard her dog whimpering and followed the sound. She eventually found the hole and her dog. Elizabeth searched for a stick and instead made do with a plank. She stretched and actually fell in herself. Nobody heard her screaming and so they carried on with their jobs.

After a few days the collie dog died. Then 3 days later Elizabeth died of starvation. Nobody heard her last words and the workmen had now finished the repairs that they had been doing.


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