What we eat

This  is an extract from a rich persons diary

June 10th 1743

Today my father held a great banquet in honor of my coming of age. The first course was a leg of mutton,  with caper sauce and a neck of pork, roasted with gooseberries. 

The second course was partridge and a male swan, from our fine river. 

The third course was a bowl of beef soup.

The last course was some plum pudding {I had three portions!} followed by a plate of French cheese and white flour bread. The wine was French and sweet. The company was a pleasure. I especially enjoyed Lady Camilla's presence.

  This is an extract from a servant's                                   1743 June

Master celebrated his birthday today . The food was a lovely sight. The beef didn't half need a battering!

I had the leftovers {not that there were much!}. The end of the bread, a lump of cheese and the skin of the pork washed down with a penny worth of gin.


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