Tonbridge Castle

We are in the Georgian period, my town, Tonbridge has embarked on a new phase of it's life.

We used  to be an inconspicuous, unadventurous market town.  But it has blossomed, improved it's appearance and also has attracted many more people to live in this area.

The castle is the main feature of Tonbridge.  In 1692 part of the south wall had collapsed.

But John Hooker who in 1739 became the new owner of the castle.  He saw it as a source of profit and was soon using the castle as a quarry, selling off the old stone.

His son, Thomas, who later inherited the castle, did few favours for the castle either.  He tried unsuccessfully to make the gatehouse into a residence.  It seems now in 1792 he never intended to live there.  He has completed it now and has sold it to William Woodgate.    


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