Tonbridge Castle

Millennium Scheme

This project is by Kelly Mallion, Helen Stringer, Luke Gethins and Matt Williams.

In 1898 Tonbridge Castle was bought by the Borough Council. Recently, the Borough Council borrowed money from the National Lottery to build the gate house, and put a roof on it to restore the castle. Thus, the Millennium Scheme began.

Here is a timeline showing the history of the events of  Tonbridge Castle including some previous owners:                                                      

1066: Norman Conquest.

1086: Doomsday Survey.

1088: Fortress Burns.

1154-1189: Quarrels with Canterbury.

1215: Magna  Carta.

1230: Hubert de Burgh owns the castle.

1262: The Red Earl owns the castle.

1265: First Parliament.

1272: Edward 1 stays at the castle.

1290: Red Earl marries royalty.

1297: Great Seal at the castle.

1314: Last of the de Clares dies.

1348: Lord Ralph Stafford owns the castle.

1521: Survey of the castle took place.

1643: Civil War.

1646: Castle 'slighted'. ( defenses taken down ).

1739: Castle made a quarry.

1898: Tonbridge Castle sold to Tonbridge Urban District Council.

1954-1966: Extensive repairs to Castle fabric.

1989: Preservation and maintenance work on gatehouse and on walls.

1992: Opening of gatehouse attraction.

Present Day: Millennium Scheme in progress.

On August 30th 1999, the Gatehouse at Tonbridge castle closed to visitors, and work on a 375,000 millennium project begun. The spiral staircase in the East Tower will be repaired. The missing floors will be replaced. Due to replacing the floors, two more rooms will be created.

Room one: An educational room mainly for school and group use.

Room two: Provision for an exhibition space for the  local community.

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