An Introduction To Tonbridge Castle

1950 -1999 

Many castles are still standing now. You can visit castles that have  now been turned into museums to find out what they are like inside. 

Jobs around Tonbridge castle

Gardeners          Entertainers            Armourers         Clerics         Guards          Builders         Stewards        Designers          


These are their jobs


Armourers: kept all the weapons in good order and cleaned them.  


Stewards: Worked with other officials. 


Gardeners : Cut and trimmed castle lawns.


Guards: Guarded the castle.


Designers: Would help make castle attractive. 


Entertainers: Would arrange and participate in castle events.


Builders: Would help make changes to the castle.


Clerics : Be a secretary and keep records of the castle .


Guides : Would show people round the castle.  

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