Cheese in The Auvergne


Le Puy has various delicious foods, but one of the most tasty is their traditionally prepared cheese.

The Auvergne produces around 365 cheeses:-

Cantal, Saint-Nectaire, Chevereton, Sales and many famous renowned blue cheeses, such as Bleu d'Auvergne and Bleu de Velay. Bleu de Velay is not as well known but equally nice and comes from Le Puy itself.


In the idilic mountain pastures, Cantal is traditionally produced in a stone 'Buron'. This famous cheese is made from pasteurised milk. Cantal seems to get better with age( like English Cheddar) but as it's in such demand it can be sent to market in only 30 days.


Sales is fairly similar to Cantal in its texture and flavour but tends to have a more robust flavour due to its production which contains non-pasteurised milk.


This is a delicate, soft cheese, pressed into a pancake shape. It is made on a farm called Saint-Nectaire Fermier which contributes towards 40% of the cheeses production. This cheese is made in a dairy.

Blue Cheeses

In the Auvergne, cheeses are made in the Roque tradition. These are mostly made from pasteurised milk.