Festivals in and around

Le Puy-en-Velay


The activities for each month:

February 10th

Chandeleur Fair

March 8th-10th

Antique show

March 22nd-24th

Carnival Festival

April 19th-21st

The National Folklore Congress

April 26th-28th

The National Sanctuary Conference

May 1st

Car Rally

May 1st

Walking Race

May 25th

Rogations Fair

May 25th-27th

Peugeot Collectors show

June 7th

Collector car show

June 7th-9th

The National Petanque Competition

June 21st

The National Music Festival

June 25th

The Wool Fair

July 1st-8th

Le Puy-en-Velay vocal music festival

July 1st-6th

Comedy festival

July 14th

Bastille day

July 14th-21st

International folk festival

July 26th-28th

Country music festival

July 26th-28th

International horse show

August 1st-4th

Boules grand prix

August 3rd-9th

Wind instrument festival

August 3rd-18th-

International art show

August 3rd-10th

Brass instument festival

August 10th

Our lady of August fair

August 11th

International dog show

August 20th-31st-

Chaise-Dieu festival

September 7th -

Nativity Fair

September 10th-15th

Renaissance "Roi d'Oiseau" fair

September 14th-15th

National Heritage days

October 12th -

All Saints Day Festival

November 2nd -

All Saints Fair

November 11th-12th

International Hot Air Balloon Show

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