Le Puy Lace and Lentils


Le Puy is renowned for its exquisite lace and talented lace makers. The origin of the lace dates back to the middle of the XVth Century and the industry was born in the small town of Le Puy en Velay.

A commercial boom followed at the beginning of the 16th Century as lace became fashionable. In each house of this part of France the women would spend their evenings making lace in their homes and using needles and linen, wool, silk, gold and silver thread to make robes for the Paris market. Unfortunately many of these women were young and desperately underpaid. Lace is still a very important part of Le Puy's culture and history. It is made for all sorts of uses including:

Clothing (particularly shirts)




Folklore dolls

Jam-jar lid covers


Lentils! The first French foodstuff, other than wine or cheese, to be awarded the famous "Appellation d' Origine" sign of quality. Le Puy's little green and blue marbled lentils are "la créme de la créme" of lentils and the envy of all other candidates.

The distinctive qualities of these lentils are:

- Fast cooking time

- Delicate flavour

- Fine skin

Grown in the rich volcanic earth on the mountain plateaux around the town, they cost about twice the price of regular lentils and are the key accompaniment to such regional dishes as petit salé (salt pork and lentils) and jambonneau (delicatessen ham).

Chefs refer to the lentils as "le Caviare Lyonnaise."



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