Le Puy En Velay

Shops, Cafes and Restaurants

Le Puy En Velay is situated in the South-East of France and is a small attractive town, visited by many tourists.

Le Puy En Velay specialises in making and selling lace and growing lentils. Their lace is handmade and has been made there for many years and is part of their local culture. They make many items including dolls, clothing, curtains, lampshades and doilies. There is one shop in Le Puy En Velay, which specialises in the lace called "Le Dentelle De Puy." There you can buy all the items mentioned and more.


On the outskirts of the town there is a large shopping centre off the "avenue de Tonbridge." I'm sure if you like shopping, you'll love to go there!


There is also a market in the centre of Le Puy called "Couvert Marche." It is situated in very close to the "Boulevard Saint Louis."


There aren't a great many shops in Le Puy En Velay, but there are a few restaurants and cafes situated near to the shops. Near to the "Place du Marche Couvert," there is a restaurant called the "Brasserie les archers." It has many specialities including smoked trout with lentils. The restaurant is closed on Sundays, but it has space for many people including terrace seats.


If you would like more information about shops in Le Puy En Velay, there is a tourist office situated in the centre of the town opposite "Le Place du Breuil."

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