Le Puy en Velay is situated in the South of France, in the Haute Loire region. To reach Le Puy there are a variety of different methods of transport. There is an airport in Le Puy. This has daily services except at weekends. It is connected with national and international lines. The air services are somewhat limited, but there are many other possible methods. There are many trains that travel direct to Le Puy en Velay, including fast trains from Lyon, Saint-Etienne and Clermont-Ferrand.

If you wish to travel by road, there are excellent motorway links from around France. However, if you are planning on travelling to Le Puy en Velay, it is always best to plan your route before starting out because you need to be sure where you are going on French motorways.

Once in Le Puy en Velay you may want to hire transport. These are some useful details of car rental services in the area:

ADA: 34, fg st-Jean. Tel - 04 71 05 23 17

AVIS: 44, boulevard de la République. Tel: 04 71 02 71 46. Fax: 04 71 02 53 71

BUDGET: 3, av. de la Dentelle. Tel: 04 71 09 06 24

CARGO: 39. av, de la Mairie, Espaly. Tel: 04 71 04 16 16

Alternatively, there are bus services:

TUDIP (City buses), Office du Tourisme, place du Breuil. Tel: 04 71 09 38 41

There are several different walking tours available. Lasting around 2 to 3 hours, they are very informative and interesting. There is a standard tour, a grand tour and a tour of Le Puy by night. For details contact the Office du Tourisme.

If you wanted to travel to further destinations than the surrounding area of Le Puy, here is some information about the distance fron Le Puy to other places in France:

Paris: 514km

Lyon: 134km

Marseilles: 300km

Besançoh: 380km

Bordeaux: 473km

Clermont-Ferrand: 132km

Lille: 754km

Montpellier: 250km

Nîmes: 190km

Saint-Etienne: 75km

Toulouse: 350km

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