Le Puy en Velay


Le Puy is appropriately translated as 'peak', because the city itself is situated on a hill, which the Romans called 'Podium Anciense'.

Le Puy en Velay is situated in the Auvergne region of Haute-Loire, in the south east of France. It is a volcanic region, but the volcanoes have been dormant for many years. There are around 80 volcanoes, scattered around the countryside. All of which are worth seeing.

It is a great area for outdoor excursions, and the views from the peaks of the volcanoes are spectacular.


Special features of Le Puy en Velay are the promontories and cones of volcanic rock, which surround the city. On these, buildings have been built. The buildings built include a cathedral, chapels and other ancient monuments have also been built on them


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