Interview with Dave the Fisherman

As we were walking around Barden lake were we lucky enough to see and talk to some fishermen .

What fish are you trying to catch? Carp.

Do you have a favourite spot? No, the fish move around, but I face into the wind.

Do you know how deep it is here ? Yes, its about 12 ft deep and then there’s a ledge about 4 ft deep and it slopes up to the sides.

How long do you stay ? Most of the day, until the gates close at dusk.

Is there a best time of year to fish? It's better when its warmer and the fish take the bait better.

Have you caught anything? No, but the lads next door have - a 19lb 7oz carp this morning.

As we were talking to Dave some other fishermen caught a pike right on cue, it  was about  75cm  long. 

It had  lots  of  small  razor  sharp  teeth. Jamie  said  that  the teeth  have  anti-coagulant  so  that  when  they  bite  the blood doesn't  clot.

When he  gets  bitten , it takes  ages to  stop  bleeding. We  asked  Richard  a  question, do you  enjoy  fishing? shop! Yes, its  my  job, I work  in  a  tackle 

Pike Facts

Pike  are  solitary hunters  

They  are  carnivorous which means they eat meat such as fish, frogs and  small  mammals

They  have  sharp  teeth

They  are  camouflaged  in  the weeds

They  can  grow  to  1.2  metres 

They  are  fresh  water  fish  which  means  they  are  found  in  rivers  and  lakes

What about the swans?