We seen many swans at Barden Lake.  We were very surprised at how big they were.  They were so large they came up to our waists.  They were not shy at all, in fact they came right up to us.  I think they were looking for food as many visitors to Barden Lake feed the birds.

Swans are larger than geese and are recognizable by there long, arched necks. Noted for their graceful movements in the water, they have been the subject of many poems, fairy tales, legends, and musical compositions. 


Swan Facts

  Swans can live until they are 35.
  They mate for life.
  The trumpeter swan is the kind most commonly found in the UK.
  Swans are a protected species.
  Swans have always been considered a regal bird.
  Swans can grow to up to 1.5 metres long and may weigh 30 lb.

There were geese too