Transport in Tonbridge 

In Tonbridge several kinds of transport are used. Such as: cars, buses, taxis, trains and many more. Cars and trains are the most popular. Thousands of people drive around in Tonbridge every day. Trains are very popular too. 


We had a look at Tonbridge transport and we found that most people travel by train. Tonbridge Station is at the end of Tonbridge high-street and is on the main line to London - Charing Cross. Diesel trains regularly come into Tonbridge station.  Trains leave to all of the United Kingdom places other than London, like Bristol, Hastings, East Peckham, Ashford, Canterbury and Maidstone.  Eurostar trains also pass through on their way to France!


 There are many different taxis in Tonbridge including Castle Cars, Star line and Cronin taxis.  They are usually used by people who are visiting Tonbridge or coming from from other parts of England.  You can take a Taxi from the front of the train station most of the time.


Over the years cars have become more popular and there are about fifty thousand cars in Tonbridge now. The only problem is the traffic lights - whenever you're in a rush you seem to get stopped!  Although there are lots of cars in Tonbridge, there are not many places to buy them.