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Getting Ready

The Journey First Day Hop Picking Death at Hartlake Hopper's Hospital Evening Entertainment Video Clips



Scene 3.

(Heard from off stage)

Sindy Jones-Wow here we are at the hop farm. This looks very exciting. Donít it kids?

Kids- Yeah!

Sophia Smith- Look at the scenery Kids

Kids- Wow!

Peter Jones-Stupid kids havenít you ever seen this kind of stuff in books?

Kids- Yeah but never this close up!

Sindy and Sophia- Come on letís meet the owner.

(They come on to the stage)

Mr Tone- Hello and welcome to me Ďop farm. And yous be the ÖÖ.

( He struggles)

Jones- The Jones

Mr Tone- Oh yeah yous the one that broke your leg didnít ya?

Peter Jones- yep thatís right

Sindy Jones- Oh do you remember he tumbled down from those high stilts remember

Sophia Smith- Really? ( sounding interested )

Sindy Jones- Yep thatís right come to think of it, it was quite funny actually. It all happened when hÖ

Peter Jones- (interupting them) oh stop gossiping women.

Sindy- Oh shut up moan machine all you ever do is moan, moan, moan

Mr Tone- And yous be the uh

(Once again struggling)

Sophia Smith- The smiths

Mr Tone- uh the Smiths ay. I remember you. Your daughter ran off witÖ.

Sophia Smith (interupting very suddenly)- OH LOOK THEYíVE STARTED ALREADY HEHE

Mr Tone- Donít you remember?

Sophia Smith- Iíd rather not

Mr Tone- But rememberÖÖ

Sophia Smith- IíD RATHER NOT!

(Mr tone talks to Peter Jones quietly)

Molly- ugh! Whatís that smell?

Sindy Jones- Thatís the alley bodge

Molly- Whatís that?

Sindy Jones- An ally bodge is a cart to cart around the manure from one place to another.

Molly- oh!

Molly- Whoís that?

(Mr Tone comes back in to action)

Mr Tone-That is Jerry Stringer. He strings the hops but wants to start a chat show. Itíll never catch on.

Here comes Rover the three-legged  Hopping dog.

(Molly screams and Sophia comforts her)

Mr Tone-Get it Hopping dog?

Peter Jones- Please we have had enough hopping jokes for a life time!


Mr Tone- and here are your barracks where you will be staying. I hope you donít mind sharing, we are running out of barracks this year too many people. Anyway see you later dinner is at seven oíclock. I hop you have a good time.

(walks out and off stage talking to himself and laughing at his joke)


Sindy Jones(Looking out the window)- look at the beautiful scenery, those beautiful green hops

Molly Ė what are green hops mam?

Sophia Smith- Green hops are freshly picked undried hops

Molly-oh. I get it

Sindy- Now donít you ever touch the red berries other wise you will die

Sophia- And that counts for you too missy donít be a pain other wise we will go home to smelly London

Sindy- And donít go anywhere near those stilts that is daddys job

Peter- you aint getting me up on those things again I broke me leg last time

Sindy- Oh please stop moaning we are on holiday now

Peter- Sorry love

Molly- I hop we have a good time!

Everyone- Molly donít YOU start!

(sophia taps her on the head)

Sophia- stupid child!

(Peter grunts)