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Getting Ready The Journey First Day Hop Picking Death at Hartlake Hopper's Hospital Evening Entertainment Video Clips





Maiher and Becky enter

Maiher: So where are you from?

Becky: East End

Maiher: Oh, itís not to nice down there Iíve heard

From off stage

Kelly: Muuuuummmmmmm!

On stage

Maiher: Screaming kids. Glad they ainít mine.

Kelly enters  

Kelly: Muuuuuuuummmmmmm. I only ate these berries (holding berries)

Maiher: You stupid little berk! I told you not to eat those berries.

Kelly: Muumm, I feel sick.

Maiher: Whatís your father going to say when we get home?  Heíll blame it all on me you stupid little girl.

Becky: You better take her off to the hoppers hospital

Becky exits. In the hospital the nurse (Emma) treats Kelly. Kelly is crying.

Emma: Donít worry dear, a spoonful of this medicine will put you right in now time.

Maiher: Iíll come back tomorrow and see how you are then.

Maiher exits.  Hospital scene pauses whilst Hannah is walking about on her Dads stilts using a binmans hook.

Hannah: I wonder how Kelly is getting on? (Mutters to herself)

Hannah trips over something on the floor and falls off stage.

From off stageÖ

Hannah: Aaaaaaaagh! (Screaming)

Becky: My poor baby!

Coming on stage crying hysterically Becky carries Hannah to the hospital, which know begins to carry on where they left off.

Emma: Now what seems to be the problem with your daughter? 

Becky (Still crying): She fell off them long wooden stilts, whilst using that pole with a hook on the end, you know, the one used for getting down wires, what is it called?

Emma: Oh, you mean the Binmans Hook.

Becky: Yes thatís the one.  Well she nicked my husbands stilts, and know look what she ahs done

Emma: Now just you calm down Becky

Laying Hannah down on a bed

Emma: Know what seems to be the matter with you Hannah?

Hannah: Nothing!  It was just the shock, which made me scream.  Can I get up now?

Making Hannah lay still

Emma: No, you just lay down and keep still. (Turning to Becky) Well Becky, nothing much seems wrong with your daughter, so you can take her home now.  And if it is possible could you take Kelly back to her mother on the way, because she is feeling recovered now.

Becky: Of course.  Iím so glad my daughter is ok.

Becky, Kelly and Hannah exit, whilst Emma remains

Emma: Londoners! What shall we do with them?