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Scene 1: Getting ready to go Hop-picking.

 Melanie Sears: Beatrice: Gullible: Age 6

Jo Hood: Martha: Kind, Loving and can tell when something’s wrong: Age 32

Clare Trepak: George: Lazy, annoying, grumpy, hates Hop-picking: Age 34

Katy Maynard: William: Loud but scared of his father, looks out for his sister in a secretive way: Age 14

William : ( teaching Beatrice how to play cards) I’m going to tell you

              how to play proper cards. You put one there, one there, one there

              and one there.

 Beatrice : (moving the last card) No, that one there.

William : (moving it back) No, there.

Beatrice : (moving out of place) There.

 William : (moving it back) No Beatrice, it goes there.

 George  : (waking up slowly, angry) Stop arguing children!

Martha  : (peering over William’s shoulder) We’re going Hop-picking tomorrow.

William : (Hitting the table) Yes.

George  : Hop-picking! Not again!
Beatrice : (puzzled) Hop-picking

Martha   : (walking away) Ask your brother.

William : ( lying to Beatrice) Well, there are big flowers, that you have to pick off the top of tall trees you have to get at least ten by the end of the day or you don’t get no dinner.
Beatrice : ( surprised face) No dinner!

William : (still lying) If you do get some a big, hairy monster comes and Gets you. (walking off laughing – going to pack)

Beatrice : (Cuddling Martha with fright) Monsters, Monsters!


Martha   : (Looking down at Beatrice, puzzled) Monsters, what monsters?

Beatrice : (Looking up at Martha) Monsters, hop-picking!

 Martha  : (shouting at George) George, William’s done it again!

 George  : (Waking up and storming over to William) What have I           told you before? Stop frightening your little sister!                  now come along, we’ll go and pack! (Going off stage with William)

Martha : (Taking Beatrice’s hand and leading her back over to the card table, and sitting down) I’ll tell you what really happens. We’re    going hop-picking tomorrow and we’ll put our clothes in a little   hoppers hut which will be our holiday home. Then, in the       morning we will go into a garden, which is where the hops grow,         then your father will stand on stilts.

George  : (shouting from off-stage) Not those stilts again!

Beatrice : (looking puzzled) Stilts?

George  : (coming back onto the stage, then back off again) Yeah, stilts.They are long pieces of wood, that people have to               stand on to get the hops down off the hop poles. And that lucky  person is I!

Martha : (taking no notice of George) Hops are little oval shaped objects with flowers on the top and you, me and William will pick the flowers off the top and place them in a barrel. Then someone             will take a little stick up to the people in charge and they will cut   a notch in it. This is so we can collect money or food as a reward       at the end of our holiday. So we’re going to fill the most barrels!

Beatrice : (looking pleased ) No monsters.

Martha   : No monsters. So let’s go and get packed.

Everyone walks off and comes back onto the stage with clothes and suitcases and starts to pack.

 William : I nearly forgot.

 Beatrice : Forgot what William?

William : My cricket bat in case the monsters come!

George  : William! What have I told you about this sort of thing? Do you think that I tell you not to scare your sister because I  Feel like it? No, I think not!

Beatrice : Anyway William, mums told me the truth about hop-picking      and there is no such thing as monsters.

George  : Only brothers!

Martha  : Well we’re ready for tomorrow now. Now let’s go to bed!

All go off the stage with George and Martha carrying the suitcases.

Hop-picking quiz.

1.Hoppers hut: a) a shelter or small building provided by the Hop grower for the Hop pickers.

                       b) a Hop token.

                       c) a building used for, storing and drying the hops.

A, B or C?

2).Hop pole: a) a pole that the hop-pickers use to get the hops down.

                   b) a pole that the hop-pickers jump over after a hop wedding.

                   c) a pole that hold up the vines of hops.

3.Garden: a) a garden where the hops grow. 

                b) a separate place where children play whilst their parents are hopping

                c) a place where the hops are dried.


Write a story with the same family on their first day at the hop farm and especially describe how much the children are surprised.