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Getting Ready The Journey First Day Hop Picking Death at Hartlake Hopper's Hospital Evening Entertainment Video Clips



 Guard: Come on everybody, all in single file? All aboard for Tonbridge, are you hoppers?

Peter and Sindy: Yes

Guard: how many?

Peter and Sindy: Two please

Guard: Hop on then, ha ha gettit?

(Peter and Sindy roll eyes and groan)

Sophia: Now, keep under the dress, donít let him see you

Molly: MumÖ

Sophia: Get back in!  One please

Guard: Are you sure?

Sophia: Yes Iím very sure

Guard: Hop on then, ha ha gettit?

(Sophia groans and rolls eyes)

(Sophia pulls molly onto the train)

(On the train)

Sindy: (addressing a baby in her arms) stop wriggling or you wont get any supper!

Peter: Yeah and you Harry!

Molly: Ow, ow, mum stop stepping on me!

Sophia: Are you ticket officers?

Peter: No weíre regular hoppers

(Comes out from under skirt)

Molly: Yay! Weíre going hopping! Where do I sit?

Sophia: Under here (points to seat)

Molly: Why, I want to sit on a seat!

Sophia: just shut up and get down

(Molly pops head up)

Sophia: HUSH little baby!

Sindy: Donít worry, weíll cover for you

Peter: Weíve brought some of our own

(Out pops their children)

Children: Hallo

Peter: Goodbye!

Peter: Keep it quiet, here comes the ticket collector

Molly: Mum, I need to go pÖ

Peter: Weíll have none of that, weíre in the country now.

Sophia: Does my little baby want a drink?

Sindy: Quick, hide your children

(Guard comes into the carriage)

Guard: Just the two of you?

Peter and Sindy: Yes (gives the guard their tickets)

Guard: Good afternoon, may I have your tickets?

Sophia: Okay

Molly: Ah, aatishoo!

Sindy: Atishoo, oh dear, such a nasty cold, do you have a hanky?

(Guard hands Sindy a hanky, she blows her nose and hands back the hanky)

Molly: Mum I really need too go for a

Sophia: That is a nasty cold!

Guard: Are you sure you donít have a child down there? There were two parents in the last carriage who had children hidden under the seat? I have to check

Sophia: (cries) waaaaaa!

Sindy: (jumps over to seat next to her) How could you think such a thing? She is a single parent (whispers to Molly) get behind that seat now! (Says to the guard) she would never do something like that!

(Molly crawls to other side of train and hides under seat)

Guard: Iím terribly sorry madam. I honestly thought there was someone down there.

 (Guard carries on to next carriage)

(Molly crawls back under her motherís seat

Sophia: phew, arenít you glad thatís over!

Molly: Mummy why have you stopped cry crying? 

Sophia: Iíll tell you when youíre older

Molly: Humph (sits down next to mum)

Peter: Kids these days, dunno why we have them

Sindy: So where are you from (addresses Sophia)

Sophia: Southeast London, and you?

Sindy: Weíre from Southern London, your first time hop picking?

Molly: Yep, itís my first time

Sophia: I believe she was talking to me. As my daughter said, we are going hop picking, she gets very excited over things like this, she doesnít get out much. Is it your first time?

Sindy: Oh me and him have been going hop picking for years now. Though this is the first time for some of our little ones, just hope they donít eat the berries this time!

Peter: I ainít going on those stilts this year, nearly broke my neck last time

Sindy: Oh, stop complaining. Weíre going to the farm near Tonbridge, are you?

Sophia: Yeah. We usually go someplace else after that dreadful incident a couple of years back

Sindy: Do you want to talk about it?

Sophia: Iíd rather not

Molly: oohh, whatís that?

Peter: Thatís a cow

Molly: Whatís a cow?

Sindy: A cow is where milk comes from?

Molly: I thought milk came from bottles?

Sophia: It comes from cows then goes into bottles

Molly: Oh, right

Peter: AnywayÖ

Molly: Ohhh, whatís that?

Sophia: Thatís a tree

Molly: Whatís a tree

Peter: A tree is where wood comes from

Molly: Looks interesting, can you climb it?

Sindy: Yes

Molly: Can you fall out of it?

Peter: Yes

Molly: Does it hurt?

Sindy and Peter: Yes

Molly: Wow, whatís that?

Sindy: Thatís an oast house

Molly: Whatís an oast house?

Sophia: An oast house is a building used for drying, storing and pressing of the crops.

Molly: and that isÖ

Sophia: an alley. Thatís the space between two rows of hops.

Molly: Ohh, I get it!

Harry: Hey Dad, whatís that weird looking thing on the top of the oast thingy?

Peter: An Oast HOUSE! The thing on top is a cowl, itís always turned so the opening is facing away from the wind, that way it stops down draughts.

Harry: How come you know so much?

Peter: This has been our holiday destination for the last 10 years!

Molly: Whatís that stringy stuff?

Harry: Yeah, looks all funny

Sophia: Thatís coir, itís made from coconut hair

Molly: What, the milky stuff inside?

Peter: No, the hairy stuff outside

Sindy: Get back under the chair, here comes the guard

Sophia: Under my skirt, now!

Guard: Here we are, Tonbridge

(Everyone stand up to get of the train, as they are going down the steps, Molly says)

Molly: Ow, owch mum!

Guard: Are you sure you donít have anyone under there?

Sindy: How rude! (Slaps the guard)

Peter: Molesting the womenfolk!

(As they depart the guard says)

Guard: These Londonfolk, huh! You canít trust them!