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Making a difference in Tonbridge

Our Aims...

The 'wired' or 'connected' society is closer than you think.  That means homes and schools connected to a web of knowledge.  It means preparing our children for a world that is technology in nature and fast changing.   Our vision is to use new technologies to improve the lives and education of young people in Tonbridge.


                TEON's specific aims are:

Redball.gif (925 bytes) To enhance academic performance and network literacy at all ages using
electronic media, including e-mail, video conferencing and internet/intranet.
Redball.gif (925 bytes) To provide learning opportunities for students at home via a community-wide
Redball.gif (925 bytes) To establish training programmes in ICT for all teachers, and other interested
adults within the community.

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Tonbridge Education On-line Network

Sponsered by Eurobell, ICL, Kent TEC, Microsoft and The Technology Colleges Trust

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