The investigations carried out by this cluster group involved energy transfers in different situations.

Year 1 children, with the help of older girls from Tonbridge Girls' Grammar School, investigated the rise in body temperature during and immediately after exercise.

Year 6 children and Year 7 children investigated the amount of light given out by a variety of light bulbs. They tested the claims of the bulb manufacturers. The claims about energy saver bulbs compared with ordinary bulbs are impressive, but is the amount of light given out really the same for the different bulbs?

Is the light from the different bulbs consistent over time?

You will find answers to all these questions within the children's reports.

The children also compared the insulation of polystyrene and plastic cups in relation to keeping drinks hot. Which material would be best at keeping your tea warm on a cold day? A fall in temperature was recorded automatically by the sensing equipment over a set amount of time.

All these experiments used data loggers to record the information. The results have been plotted in graph form and conclusions have been drawn. Now we can make our own claim about light bulbs! Find out the facts...